two women jogging while carrying small dumbells. (Photo: Getty Images)

Pregnancy Prep

Healthy Babies Start with Healthy Moms Athletes invest hours practicing before a big game. Runners train for months leading up to a marathon. A mother-to-be should likewise prepare herself for the mental and physical rigor of pregnancy, labor and caring for a newborn.   Dr.
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A woman on a pink yoga mat pushing her shoulders up with her arm with her legs on the ground. (Photo: Burst/Pexels)

Home Workout

Exercise Without Equipment at Home Hitting the fitness machines or lifting weights can be fun and engaging, but did you know that you can pursue an equally effective workout without any additional equipment? You can stay in shape from the comfort of your home with the help of a
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dc on heels-tini howard-healthy-circle up hoop dance- june 2013

Circle Up

Hoop Dance in D.C. It’s okay. To answer your first question, I was never able to hula hoop as a kid, either. To answer your second one, it’s not the same thing. Hoop … dance? Hoop dance, often called hooping, has its modern origins in early 90s festivals. Jam band The
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