Two men and three women having a champagne toast at a New Year's Eve party. (Photo: Getty Images)

Holiday Break

Balancing Holiday Socializing and You Time We are less than a week away from Christmas. And whether or not you celebrate the holiday, one thing is for certain: There is a good chance your weekend is already jam packed with holiday parties. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas,
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Comfy Feet

Reflexology Promotes Healing, Relaxation Years ago, I remember reading in an interview with actress Elizabeth Hurley that she relied on weekly reflexology massages to relax and take years off her face. Intrigued by Hurley’s endorsement (and her stunningly well-preserved youthful
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3 Ways to “Relaxify” Your Mind

OK, I know that “relaxify” is not an actual word, but after a long, stressful, cold and snowy week, by the time  FRIDAY rolls around, I tend to start making up words. But here is something that is not made-up: there are real health benefits to finding FUN things to do
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