An Asian boy sleeping in the library with his laptop open on a table beside a pile of books. (Photo: Footage Firm Inc.)


10 Ways to Maintain Kids’ Sleep Hygiene As area children prepare to return to school after their summer break, a pediatric sleep expert at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital say sleep hygiene during this time of
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Two men and a woman sitting on a bench. One man is holding hands with the woman behind the other man's back, while the first man has his arm around the woman. (Photo: Getty Images)

Double Header

Is It OK to Hook Up on Back-to-Back Nights? As fans are well-aware, there has been a lot of drama on this season of Bachelor in Paradise. For those unfamiliar, a bunch of Bachelor and Bachelorette castaways go to a
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City Scene

A 363-foot Saturn V rocket is projected onto the Washington Monument. (Photo: National Air & Space Museum)

Weekend Guide

It’s a Heatwave. Stay Cool This Weekend The heat index may get to near 115 this weekend. Today through Sunday, expect temperatures in the high-90s to 100 degrees. If possible, plan a weekend around staying cool. A
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