woman lying on a bed in short, red, silk pajamas. (Photo: AllClear55/Pixabay)

Silky Smooth

The Benefits of Wearing Silk Lingerie Silk is a luxurious fabric and has many added benefits. For a good night sleep, you need clothing that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. However, did you know some that
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A woman applying a blue facial mask in mirror. (Photo: Jake Rosenberg)

Daily Face Mask

A Face Mask You Can Use Daily I hate face masks. I recently tried a guava peel-off mask, and it stayed stuck to my face and my towel because apparently it had to stay on for 30 whole minutes. Since I only had about
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Two couples dancing at a wedding, with a single woman off to the left dancing by herself. (Photo: Getty Images)

Fall Nuptials

Wedding Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts While wedding season is year-round, fall is the busiest time of year for couples to get married. The weather has cooled down, but it is still as beautiful as ever. As
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