woman lying on a bed in short, red, silk pajamas. (Photo: AllClear55/Pixabay)

Silky Smooth

The Benefits of Wearing Silk Lingerie Silk is a luxurious fabric and has many added benefits. For a good night sleep, you need clothing that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. However, did you know some that
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A drink in a metal cup topped with foam, baking spices and apple slices with a blue and white straw. (Photo: The Royal)

Food Bites

Isabella Markets Condo, Battles for Control First, disgraced chef Mike Isabella was sued for sexual harassment in federal court by former employee Chloe Caras. He settled that lawsuit out of court last May. Then his
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A woman sleeping in bed with a glass of water on the nightstand. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Tall Drink of Water

Shorter Sleep Can Lead to Dehydration Adults who sleep just six hours per night — as opposed to eight — may have a higher chance of being dehydrated, according to a study by Penn State. These findings suggest that
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man and woman in white sweaters and scarves cudding in a ski lodge with cups of coffee and a blanket. (Photo: Deposit Photo)

Cold-Proof Dates

As the Seasons Change, So Does Dating Winter doesn’t start until late December this year, yet it seems the weather hasn’t gotten that message. Earlier this week the temperatures dropped dramatically and everyone is
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City Scene

Ice cavrings of Snoopy lying on his dog house while Charlie Brown and Linus lean on a wall looking through a giant werath with a red bow. (Photo: Gaylord National Resort)

Weekend Guide

It Is Beginning to Look Like Christmas Thanksgiving is still a week away, but it is already beginning to look like Christmas in the DMV. We had our first snow yesterday, several ice skating rinks open today, ICE! at
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