Wedding Wear

Losing Your Identity by Following Trends There are thousands of destination weddings in Florida, hundreds of runway shows in France and many other events that give you the chance to show everyone how fresh your
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Top Beauty Picks

Its Time to Stock Up at Nordstrom’s It comes but once a year — a little over a fortnight for beauty product connoisseurs to indulge in exclusive sets, super-size editions of cult favorites and generous gifts
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Suns out, suds out (photo: Snooth)

Beers of Summer

Seasonal Craft Brews for Your Summer BBQ There is a season for every beer, and summer is no exception. When you are picking up spirits for your next backyard barbecue or lawn party, keep an eye out for these vernal
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With kids out of school, parents could notice behavior problems and should address them. (Photo: Sean Justice/Corbis)

Bad Kids

Summer Is Time to Address Behavior Issues Summertime is a time for sun and fun, but with kids spending more time at home, it could also be a time of whining and bickering. After weeks of the kids being out of
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Five new stations on Metro's Silver Line open on July 26. (Graphic: Mark Heckathorn/DC on Heels)

Silver Line Dates

Take the Silver Line on Date Night In honor of the Silver Line’s noon debut on July 26, I have put together a guide for those Washingtonians who have never ventured out to the areas that the Silver Line will be
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Michael Pitt as Dr. Ian Grey and Brit Marling as Karen in

“I Origins” Movie Review

I Origins Pits Science Against Faith I Origins tells the story of Ian Gray, a molecular biologist studying the evolution of the eye. He finds his work permeating his life after a brief encounter with an exotic young
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