Models from the spring/summer New York Fashion week wearing tie-dye. (Photos: Imaxtree)

Fashion Forecast

Must-Have Outfits for 2019 While it may take some time for the trends of 2019 to fully eclipse the styles that made headlines in 2018, it is never too early to cop out this year’s must-have pieces. For the savvy
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A close up of a green eye with long, thick lashes. (Photo: The Lash Spa)

Long Lashes

5 Things to Know About Lash Extensions I get quite a few emails asking about eyelash extensions. Are they easy to get? Are they expensive? Is the upkeep difficult? And what makeup and skincare products do you need
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Dish & Dram's nettle risotto in a white bowl topped with toasted almond slivers and local edible baby yellow flowers. (Photo: The Dish & Dram)

Food Bites

Kyirisan Closing, Owes $111,500 in Rent Chef Tim Ma is closing his French-Chinese restaurant Kyirisan, 1924 Eighth St. NW in Shaw’s The Shay development, on Thursday, Apr. 18 after landlord JBG filed an eviction
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Woman clutching her chest. (Photo: Dr. Axe)

Heart Murmur?

Early Diagnosis Key to Heart Valve Issues Heart valves control the direction of blood flow, and when something interrupts their precision, the effect can be dire.   Aortic valve stenosis, according to the
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A sad couple sitting on a couch with an athesist symbol behind him and a cross behind her. (Photo: Shutterstock and Patheos)

Heavenly Couples

Does Religion Have a Role in Relationships? Easter is this weekend, and while not everyone celebrates, it is a talking point. Your coworkers may ask what you are doing. Your family may call you to make plans or not.
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