By adding a few accessories, you can change the look of any outfit. (Photo: estall/pixabay)


Five Accessories Every Woman Needs When it comes to looking fashionable, accessories are crucial. Many people underestimate how much accessories can impact their style. It’s amazing how a few simple
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Oxygen-Enriched Spa Manicures It’s the middle of summer and as always, I’m on a quest for a more potent anti-aging treatment for my hands.  To counter the sun’s scorching rays and heat-induced dryness, I always
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Bottomless Brunch

Ankara Serves Authentic Turkish Brunch Ankara, 1320 19th St. in Dupont Circle, launched its weekend brunch on June 13. Brunch is a celebration of kahvalti – the famous Turkish breakfast – which is traditionally one
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A major cause of back pain in children is due to carrying backpacks that are too heavy, too large, or not used properly. (Fuse/Thinkstock)

Pain in the Backpack

Backpack Misuse Leads to Back Pain As students savor the last precious weeks of summer vacation, parents are out making the final run for school supplies. When back-to-school shopping this year, there is one
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Hooking up is fine, just don't do it with everyone. (Photo:

Rebound Rules

The How-To’s of Moving On Happy endings aren’t for everyone. When the misfortune of a break up occurs, your emotions go through a whirlwind of confusion. Mad and sad seem to alternate frequently and the
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Hiro and Baymax (Photo: Walt Disney Animation Studios)

“Big Hero 6″ Movie Review

Big Hero 6 Is Fun for Everyone Big Hero 6 is an action-packed comedy-adventure about robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada, who learns to harness his genius thanks to his brilliant brother Tadashi. When a devastating event
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City Scene

Weekend Guide

Film Screenings Dominate Weekend Events This is the weekend of films in the DMV. Divas Outdoors is back at Hillwood Estate Museum and Gardens while the Made in Hong Kong film series contuse at the Freer Galley of
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