A woman on a pink yoga mat pushing her shoulders up with her arm with her legs on the ground. (Photo: Burst/Pexels)

Home Workout

Exercise Without Equipment at Home Hitting the fitness machines or lifting weights can be fun and engaging, but did you know that you can pursue an equally effective workout without any additional equipment? You can stay in shape from the comfort of your home with the help of a
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A recent study by a Vanderbuilt University professor found that a low-aalt diet actually reduces thirst and increases hunger. (Photo: Shutterstock)

New Study

High-Salt Diet Lowers Thirst, Raises Hunger When you eat salty food, you get thirsty and drink water. Right? While that may be true in the short-term, within 24 hours increasing salt consumption actually makes you less thirsty because your body starts to conserve and produce
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Getting Back To It

Restarting a Gym Schedule As some of you who follow me may know, I’ve been all up and down and around this summer. I’ve been nothing if not mobile, and am just starting to feel settled again as Fall comes around the corner. I talked last week about back to school, and how this
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