back pain

Pain in the Back

Taking Control of Back Pain About 80 percent of the population will experience at least one significant episode of back pain in their lifetime. When it happens, most people first want to know how to feel better, then how to prevent a recurrence. Dr. Mark Knaub, chief of adult
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In humans, women outlive men, according to a former Georgetown University lecturer. But they also appear to have poorer health through adult life. (Photo: iStock)

Battle of the Sexes

Why Do Women Live Longer Than Men? Women live longer than men. This simple statement holds a tantalizing riddle that Steven Austad and Kathleen Fischer of the University of Alabama at Birmingham explore in a perspective piece published in Cell Metabolism on June 14. “Humans are
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A major cause of back pain in children is due to carrying backpacks that are too heavy, too large, or not used properly. (Fuse/Thinkstock)

Pain in the Backpack

Backpack Misuse Leads to Back Pain As students savor the last precious weeks of summer vacation, parents are out making the final run for school supplies. When back-to-school shopping this year, there is one essential item that requires very special attention: your child’s
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