The thought of a new school year can trigger debilitating fears in children with anxiety. (Photo: Thinkstock)

Jitter Bug

Dealing with the ‘Back to School’ Butterflies For most kids, there is nothing like the phrase “back to school” to throw cold pool water on an otherwise glorious summer vacation. At the first mention of back-to-school preparation, many children experience a passing wave of
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Children who are overly pick may have mental issues or ADHD. (Photo: Mark Umbrella/ShutterStock)

No Peas Please

Picky Eaters Often Have Mental Issues Children who are picky eaters may have more problems than the lack of a well-balanced diet. A new study from Duke University researchers found that children who are moderately or extremely picky eaters are more likely to have symptoms of
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Stress at work can affect your health. (Photo: ThinkStock)

Stress Relief

Work Stress Can Be Hurting Your Health For almost all of us, work can be a consistent source of anxiety. Stress in small doses can be a powerful tool to help motivate us to push ourselves to achieve. However, large quantities can lead to physical problems that follow you out of
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