A bridge pulling a groom by his ankles while he hold onto a railing. (Photo: Alex Indigo/Flickr)

Wedding Fever

Planning for Forever? Slow Down! It is finally feeling like fall. A bit late, but better than never! So other than incredibly beautiful weather, what does this mean? Leaves fall, check. Pumpkin spice lattes, check. Halloween, not yet but around the corner. One other big thing
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Bring sexy back to the courts. (Photo:

Love & Basketball

Making the Most of March Madness Now that it’s March, you have to prepare your liver for all of this month’s festivities. March Madness truly focuses on the two B’s: booze and basketball. Anything in between tends to fade away or be forgotten. If you’re
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So many motives to flirt, so little time. (Photo:

Flirting Freak

What’s Your Flirting Motive? We all have our hobbies. Some love to shop, others love the outdoors and some just love wine. But something we all love is the fine art of flirting. Flirting is a rewarding pastime that fills so many voids in what seems to be a hectic life. This hobby
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