People standing outside in front of the Mount Vernon mansion at night watching fireworks. (Photo: Mount Vernon)

Weekend Guide

‘Twas the Weekend Before Christmas There are only five shopping days before Christmas and Hanukkah begins this Sunday. If you need a break from shopping or wrapping presents, there are plenty of holiday activities including light displays, concerts and plays to get you in
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Single woman sitting alone on a bean bag chair beside a table with presents, a metal Christmas tree and a metal star sitting on it. (Photo: Getty Images)

All Alone

How to Handle Being Single at the Holidays Even the most independent among us may find it challenging to be without a significant other during the holiday season. This is a time designated for intimate, holiday-themed outings and warm gatherings. We may want someone to hold hands
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Two hands holding out a present wrapped in dark red paper and a bow. (Photo: Porapak Apichodilok/Pexels)

Holiday Gifting

Avoid These 5 Holiday Gift Set Traps It is time for a little mid-December holiday shopping check-in. How is it going? While I encourage you to maintain your sanity by all means during this wild time, I also want to remind you that there is only one week left until the big show.
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