Woman's hands holding an apple and a glazed doughnut. (Photo: Getty Images)

Spoonful of Sugar

Hold the Added Sugar The sugar in fruit is different from the sugar in a doughnut, according to Kara Shifler Bowers, a registered dietitian and project manager at Penn State PRO Wellness.   “Natural sugars in fruit are different because fruits carry fiber as well as many
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Letting children help plan, shop for and prepare their school lunches makes it more likely they will eat and enjoy it. (Photo: Thinkstock)

Lunch Lady Blues

Involving Kids with Healthy Lunch Choices As the new school year approaches, parents may need some help with putting together fast, easy and healthy lunches that kids will actually eat. The more you can get your child involved in the menu planning, shopping and preparation of his
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Happiness is... (Kristy McCarron/DC on Heels)

Eating Clean, for Me

Why I love Lard, and Why I Cleanse A few months ago, within the same week, both my best friend and my future sister-in-law asked me to be in their weddings. When Katie, my childhood best friend, asked me, I happened to be returning from the farmer’s market down the street,
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