A new study found that even mild sleep issues could cause high blood pressure in women. (Photo: Getty Images)

Get Your Zzzzzs

Lack of Sleep Can Raise Blood Pressure, Cause Other Problems in Adults and Kids It is well known that chronic sleep deprivation can affect cardiovascular health. But according to a new study from Columbia University Irving Medical Center, even mild sleep problems, such as having
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A study by Johns Hopkins Medicine found that lack of quality sleep puts you in a worse mood than not getting enough sleep. (Photo: Fotolia)

Moody Blues

Interrupted Sleep Worse Than Lack of Sleep After a bad night’s sleep, you are not likely to be in the best of moods. But according to a new study led by Johns Hopkins Medicine, your bad mood may be due to lack of quality sleep, rather than not getting enough sleep.
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Sleep On It

Nature’s Magic Cure for What Ails You You may be sleep-deprived. “Oh, yeah,” you’re thinking. “Breaking news that I don’t get enough sleep, Tini.” But how many of us do? According to an article from Discovery Health, up to 45 percent of the world’s adults don’t get enough
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