Regular doctor visits can find problems before you have symptoms. (Photo:

Heart Disease

The Importance of Regular Doctor Visits Back in the 1980s, Saturday Night Live used to have a recurring character named Fernando whose catch phrase was “It’s better to look good than to feel good.” While that phrase was meant to be a joke, the truth is that many of us take better
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There is presently no scientific research that provides strong evidence that organic food products are healthier than nonorganic. (Photo: The Market at Park City)


Should Organic Foods Be in Your Diet? Winter has worn out its welcome. People are eagerly looking forward to the warm weather, getting outside and indulging once again in fresh, local produce. As consumers inundated with choices, we often wonder what’s the best food to purchase
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Use FDA-approved containers in the microwave to avoid BPAs. (Photo:

Food Safety

Common Sense, Moderation Are Key There is often debate over whether or not certain household and food-related products are safe for consumer use or consumption. The controversy often causes media hype that can scare consumers into avoiding common and useful items. According to
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