Center for Disease Control

An Asian boy sleeping in the library with his laptop open on a table beside a pile of books. (Photo: Footage Firm Inc.)


10 Ways to Maintain Kids’ Sleep Hygiene As area children prepare to return to school after their summer break, a pediatric sleep expert at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital say sleep hygiene during this time of year is important to maintain their overall physical, mental and
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This year's flu vaccine appears to a good match for the strain. (Photo: Thinkstock)


This Year’s Flu Vaccine Is a ‘Good Match’ Every year at this time, we hear it’s time to get the flu shot. After last year’s vaccine missed the mark, how does the Center for Disease Control regain the public’s confidence that their predictions will hold up this
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This year the flu vaccine is available in multiple forms. (Photo: Penn State)

Flu Season

More Options, Reasons to Get a Flu Shot There was a time when there were two choices when it came to flu shots: get vaccinated or not. This year, drug companies are not only offering the vaccine in multiple forms, they are also offering multiple vaccines. “It’s always been pretty
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