cuffing season

Being single is great, except maybe before the brink of cuffing season. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Finding Your Cuff

What If You Don’t Have a Summer Hook-Up? As we discussed last week, cuffing season is on the horizon and coming in fast. Before you know it, everyone you know will be coupling up left and right. We have already shared a few rules on how to take your summer hook-up to a full
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It is beginning to look a lot like cuffing season. (Photo: Getty Images)

Return of Cuffing Season

The Start of Something New As August rolls in, we will begin to see a shift in everyone’s behavior. People will start to settle down left and right. While some may not know why, it is because cuffing season is back and ready to go in full force. For those who don’t
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Not looking for anything serious? Welcome to dating purgatory. (Photo: Chris Craymer/Glamour))

Dating Purgatory

Filling the Void and Other Places Now that’s it’s October, we’ve officially entered dating purgatory. You may be thinking, what the hell is “dating purgatory?” It’s the time between cuffing season and break up season. At this point, some
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