If your significant other has bad manners, you're completely justified in trying to change them for the good. (Photo: www.HeraldSun.com)

Welcoming Change

Accepting Change in Your Relationship Change can be both bad and good. Naturally people change and evolve as we grow and gain more life experience. The same goes for relationships. After dating someone for awhile, you will be faced with a few obstacles that require both parties
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Closet Capers

Five Pieces to Steal from Your Boyfriend Want to give your wardrobe an instant boost, without spending a dime? Steal some pieces from your boyfriend’s closet! Here are five ways to style his clothes as your own. 1. Denim jacket Oversized denim jackets are everywhere right
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Romantic Style

Valentine’s Day Style Picks Do you have big plans for Valentine’s Day? Love it or hate it, Feb. 14 is just one week away! Whether you’re stepping out for a fancy night with your significant other or grabbing drinks with the girls, we’ve got V-Day style
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