Don't stress being single this holiday season - just switch up the conversation. (Photo: tinatin1/iStock)

Single Bells

Switching Up the Holiday Conversation You have successfully survived Thanksgiving, but with December practically here you are still in for weeks of family reunions and friend gatherings. Your family is prepared to ask you for your relationship resume and expects a full, engaged
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A maAp showing nuclear fallout following the Fukushima Nuclear Plant meltdown. (Map: Centre for Research on Globalization)

Fukushima Fish: Friend or Foe?

Is Pacific-Caught Fish Safe Since Fukushima? Since the Fukushima tragedy two years ago, there has been alarm from strange corners of the Internet, insisting that radiation from the nuclear disaster is killing or has been poised to kill U.S. citizens, specifically on the west
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Grumpy Cat resents the accusations. (Photo courtesy of

Cats Latest Health Risk?

Is Cat Poop Dangerous? I like to browse health news from time to time, looking to bring you all stories that are close to your lives and affect you as my readers. Let me tell you, the health world is a rapidly changing network of modern miracles and borderline science fiction
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