Children slide along an ice-covered walkway near the Washington Monument Saturday. But with the polar vortex coming Monday and Tuesday you should stay inside or dress warmly if you must go out. (Photo: Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images)

Polar Vortex

Stay Safe in Frigid Weather It’s here — the polar vortex. While, in my opinion, this sounds like some sort of enemy we could call on the Avengers to defeat, the polar vortex is a natural phenomenon. The mass of cold air typically bound at the North Pole by jet streams and
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A healthy Christmas and a Happy New Year! (Photo: C.R.A.F.T.)

3 Healthy Resolutions

Make 2014 Healthy in More Ways Than One The New Year is a perfect time to rekindle your love affair with a happier, healthier you. While every other health site will suggest to you the best gyms and the lowest of the low-cal recipes, I like to give you something you can’t get
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The 5Ks of Christmas

Dashing Through the Snow We’re all full of cookies, chips and egg nog, swearing we’ll get on the ball in January. Fear not, I’m not here to take away your peanut butter balls and sugar cookies. I’m not a monster. What I am suggesting is momentum. Don’t lose yours this holiday
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