red flags

Sometimes a red flag is a sign things won't work. (Photo: monkeybusiness/Deposit Photos)

Nope, Next!

Knowing Your Hard Noes and Red Flags Whether you watch it or not, thanks to Twitter we all seem to know what happens on The Bachelor every week. I am personally a fan of the drama, but if you don’t keep up, all you need to know for this week is that one contestant got super
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Is age just a number? (Photo:

The Ideal Age

Will Age Difference Affect Your Relationship? I was skimming through Cosmopolitan online the other day and stumbled upon a very interesting article about the ideal age difference in a relationship. Based on a study done by Emory University, the article states that a one year age
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Part 3/4 of “20 red flags to avoid when dating”

BEING USED He constantly asks you to buy or do something for him and he never seems quite pleased. You are the only one giving…without getting anything back. You really shouldn’t spend your time and energy on a men who doesn’t appreciate you! MOODINESS Everybody
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