Just because your friends are getting engaged doesn't mean your should be. Every couple does it at thier own pace. (Photo: wavebreakmedia/FreePik)

Pressure to Propose

Is Timing Everything? One of my best friends got engaged this week and all of us girlfriends are thrilled for her. But at the same time, we are left thinking — what about us? Anytime we see our friends or people we know get engaged, married or have kids, we are all guilty
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Sometimes running into an ex can get the best of you. (Photo: sheknows.com)

Flashback Fling

Handling a Flash From Your Past Running into an ex can be extremely uncomfortable. No matter how much time has passed, such a run-in can cause anxiety and bring back memories of your past. If you and your ex had an amicable break-up, you should consider yourself very lucky. But
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All or Nothing

Open opportunities Congratulations to all of the 2013 graduates! The dreary weather in the District didn’t stop the party for graduates this weekend. Recent grads partied in the city to celebrate their success – cheers to you! But, with every graduation big decisions have to be
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