Obesity and poor nutrition can affect your eye health. (Photo:

Weighty Matters

Understanding the Obesity-Eye Connection Obesity is a growing problem across the world. However, while we know the most common negative effects it has on our health, many are unaware how it can affect our eye health. Shedding some pounds could be a good idea not just for your
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Facing Wrinkles

Some Surprising Causes of Skin Aging “I suppose when there’s no more room for another crow’s-foot, one attains a sort of peace?”  —Ronald Firbank, Valmouth Although I would someday like to achieve this sort of peace — preferably when closer in age to the
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Sexy Abs: Eat This to Get Them…

If you want to go into the warm weather season with a flat and toned stomach, then exercise is not enough. You must eat right, too, according various physical trainers, dietitians and fitness experts. The combination of exercise and healthy eating is how Oprah Winfrey’s
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