It can be embarassing to wear blouses that show of your back when you have back acne and scars. (Photo: BirthOrderPlus)

Blemish Battle

Join Emma on Her Search for a Clearer Back As the new year starts, I would like to think that my body starts anew as well. But, the sad truth is that my back is still riddled with acne scars from acne I had before treatments and from new acne that I vigorously scrub off during
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There are four vitamins essential to keeping your skin looking its best. (Photo: Getty Images)

Healthy Skin

The 4 Essential Vitamins Your Skin Needs My skin has been very dry lately. I do the usual routine to keep my skin healthy such as exfoliating and moisturizing, but lately it seems like it needs something more. I know that skin can get dryer in the winter, so you can get away with
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Dry shampoo removes sebum, but doesn't strip natural oils that your hair needs. (Photo:

Skip the Wash

Have Healthier Hair with Dry Shampoo Whether you want more volume, less grease or just healthier hair in general, dry shampoo has got you covered. This fairly new product should be a part of every one’s hair routine. Dry shampoo is simply shampoo in powder form and usually comes
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