UV protection

Bigger sunglasses offer more protection because they cover more of your eyes and face. (Photo: Alvaro Beamud Cortes)

Eye Protection

Sunglasses Protect Eyes from Skin Cancer You are running to the grocery store and forget your sunglasses. Do you run back to get them or will you be fine since it is a quick trip? The sun is blazing hot, and you can feel your face getting sunburned. Plus, you think, “Are
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There are four vitamins essential to keeping your skin looking its best. (Photo: Getty Images)

Healthy Skin

The 4 Essential Vitamins Your Skin Needs My skin has been very dry lately. I do the usual routine to keep my skin healthy such as exfoliating and moisturizing, but lately it seems like it needs something more. I know that skin can get dryer in the winter, so you can get away with
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  YUP!  I did it! I went both sunless and naked in the new Versa Spa on Saturday.  Let me tell you, seeing is believing!  I met up with the lovely Vanessa C. from DCOH last week and saw her amazing glow.  Ha!  I thought she just came back from a vacation.  Nope!  She told me
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