Make this birthday extra special for that special someone. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Birthday 411

Planning Your Partner’s Birthday Is No Party Currently I’m in the midst of planning the most extravagant annual event of the year — my birthday party. Party planning is no joke, and balancing work stress and this became too much so I’ve asked my boyfriend
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Cycling provides many health benefits including cardiovascular conditioning. (Photo: Thinkstock)

Ready, Set, Bike

Cycling Provides Many Health Benefits Getting outside on two wheels can improve health and fitness, build muscles and boost your mood. Plus, for most people, it’s fun. “It’s a practical thing in that it’s getting us out of our cars and using our own power for transportation,”
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Stressed or overworked? Take time to relax and protect your health. (Photo: iStockphoot)

Stress Relief

Activities to Improve Your Mood No matter your profession, marital status or personality, one universal experience we can all relate to is the feeling of being stressed out or feeling blue. This state can actually influence your health, as it can lead to muscle tension, headaches
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