More American women will find you more attractive if you have an accent. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Talk Sexy to Me

Americans Find People with Accents Sexy The results are in, and people with accents are more likely to be perceived as more attractive than individuals without accents. According to a new survey by MissTravel.com, Americans find accents to be an aphrodisiac both on the streets
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Asparagus contains vitamin E, which stimulates sexual responses. (Photo: sexyeatz.com)

Yummy Valentine

Feed Your Sex Drive As Valentine’s Day approaches, you’re probably trying to find the perfect outfit to make your date’s jaw drop. In this process, you’re most likely stressing out over how your birthday suit will look in the bedroom. The problem is
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V-Day Alternatives

Tips for a Stressless Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day tends to be a stressful time for everyone, whether they are in a relationship or not; those who are attached suffer from the pressure of gift-giving and romantic sentiment, while singletons can be made to feel like
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