More American women will find you more attractive if you have an accent. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Talk Sexy to Me

Americans Find People with Accents Sexy The results are in, and people with accents are more likely to be perceived as more attractive than individuals without accents. According to a new survey by, Americans find accents to be an aphrodisiac both on the streets
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DC on Heels-Liz Parker-Fashion-May 2013

Fashion Urban Legends

What Red Heels Mean in the U.K. and Other Signals of Style Last week I went to the Black and White Affair party at a club on U Street. Fashion-wise, I suppose it was as interesting as any black and white party could be. There were black dresses, white blazers, stripes, sequins
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It’s a British Affair: Duchy Originals from Waitrose

I’ve ¬†been glued to the TV (or as the Brits would say “the telly”) these days watching the London 2012 Olympics. While it’s all fun and games watching it on the tube, I so wish that I could be in London partaking in all the action and enjoying the
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