Acne Awareness Month

Do you know what type of pimple you have? (Photo: Shutterstock)

Zit Face

How to Quickly Get Rid of Your Pimples What exactly is a zit, and do you need a product to clear it overnight or just to take the red away? Maybe your skin grasps onto concealers pretty well so it is not the red you need help with, but rather the bump from that pesky little guest
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Erica Suppa has combined her years of scientific research with cosmetic ingredient to create Fresh Faced Skincare. (Photo:

Science of Beauty

Fresh Faced Applies Science to Beauty Erica Suppa was a cancer research scientist for more than 13 years who, when let go from her job in Delaware a few years ago, was not sure what her next step would be. She watched a beauty advertisement on television one day, and it dawned on
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