Healthcare professionals say it’s best for infants to sleep on their backs, rather than on their sides or bellies. (Photo: Natural to the Core)

Good Night

Easy Steps Can Lead to Infants’ Safe Sleep The number of infants who die each year from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) has decreased in recent decades as awareness of safe sleeping habits has increased. Yet each year, babies still die from sudden, unexplained causes.
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Nail art can be the finishing touch on your costume. (Photo:


Nail Art Is a Terrific Fashion Accessory Nail art can be the trick that brightens your days and livens up your nights, regardless of the occasion or outfit. And getting started is easier than ever! You can enjoy having it done professionally at a salon, or you can take the time
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Wedding showers can be expensive, but making your own favors can save some money and be memorable for your guests. (Photo: .makeitcozee)

Bridal Showers

Cheap Bridal Shower Party Favor Ideas Bridal showers were originally invented to help brides whose parents were refusing to give them a wedding dowry. This unhappy state of affairs was usually because the women were marrying for love, and therefore against the wishes of their
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