An African American mother, her young son and daughter washing their hands at the kitchen sink. (Photo: Getty Images)

Be Honest

Tips for Talking to Children About COVID-19 From non-stop “breaking news” updates to school shutdowns, the daily impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is difficult for adults to handle. So, imagine the impact it has on children.   Thankfully, there are many
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Most smokers know that smoking causes breathing problems and lung cancer, but they may not be aware of the other health problems it can cause. (Photo: gunnerl/Getty Images)

Health Risks

Smoking Risks Are More Than Lung Cancer Doctors ask patients about smoking habits for the same reason they check weight, blood pressure, breathing and heart beat during a visit. The answers – much like the results of the other checks – provide information that offers clues to
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A dietitian can be a key resource in controlling diabetes. (Photo: USC)A dietitian can be a key resource in controlling diabetes. (Photo: USC)

Diabetes Control

How to Find and Work with a Dietitian You may have heard the old saying “It takes a village to raise a child.” This simply means that seeing someone through to independence will usually require the help of lots of people. And it doesn’t just apply to kids. Research has proven
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