Dry shampoo removes sebum, but doesn't strip natural oils that your hair needs. (Photo:

Skip the Wash

Have Healthier Hair with Dry Shampoo Whether you want more volume, less grease or just healthier hair in general, dry shampoo has got you covered. This fairly new product should be a part of every one’s hair routine. Dry shampoo is simply shampoo in powder form and usually comes
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Beautiful hair can be yours with less work? (Source: Love Yourself Naturally)

No-Poo? Ooo!

Why Some People Are Quitting Shampoo It isn’t a gross-out joke or a Halloween scare – more and more people are ditching shampoo. Called “no-poo,” this movement suggests shampoo actually harms our hair, and we’re better off without it. Here’s the theory: Commercial
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