The thought of a new school year can trigger debilitating fears in children with anxiety. (Photo: Thinkstock)

Jitter Bug

Dealing with the ‘Back to School’ Butterflies For most kids, there is nothing like the phrase “back to school” to throw cold pool water on an otherwise glorious summer vacation. At the first mention of back-to-school preparation, many children experience a passing wave of
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Talk Scary to Me

Scary Is the New Sexy It’s the night. You’ve been anticipating this day for a while now. You are both excited, but really nervous at the same time. This night is a big step in your relationship, and it can’t go wrong. It’s scary movie night. Why is scary movie night such a
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“This Is Our Jam’s” Spooky Scary Halloween Song Picks

Spooky Scary Jams Happy Halloween, DC on Heels readers! We’ve compiled a playlist of some of our favorite spooky scary jams to get you in the mood for Halloween this year. We’ll have some more Halloween goodies over at leading up to the 31st, so
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