Enjoy the fourth with someone special. (Photo: vk.com)

Independence Day Dates

Make Your Own Fireworks on the Fourth The Fourth of July weekend is around the corner, and everyone is rushing to finalize last minute plans. Since a lot of people get this holiday off, there is definitely a reason to celebrate all weekend long. So grab a date ASAP and start
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Plan ahead to make the most of your weekend. (Photo: Alan Schreitmueller)

Mini Vacation

Fun Ways to Kick Back on the Weekends Most working folks know how precious the weekends are for having fun and relaxing. It may be the same length of time, but Saturday and Sunday seem to go by a lot faster than Monday and Tuesday. Many of us have high hopes for getting the most
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Wave Wellness

How to Play it Safe in the Surf As some of you who follow my writing may know, I am a diehard Beach Bunny. You wouldn’t know it from looking at me – a lifetime in D.C. has equipped me with a wardrobe of black suits and button down shirts, but I can be happy wearing black at the
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