hooking up

Will divorce season affect a couple near you? (Photo: Getty Images)

Divorce Season

Is January the New ‘Un-Cuffing’ Season? Cuffing season is a time where everyone around you seems to be hooking up and finding their new significant others. This relationship wave usually happens in the fall as the weather starts to cool down in time for cuddles. On
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Getting Frisky!

Heating Things Up Everywhere & Anywhere A physical connection in your relationship is essential. However, sometimes in life it seems like there is no time to fit in sex, and this leads to frustration in your relationship. I once had a love and relationship professor in
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Not looking for anything serious? Welcome to dating purgatory. (Photo: Chris Craymer/Glamour))

Dating Purgatory

Filling the Void and Other Places Now that’s it’s October, we’ve officially entered dating purgatory. You may be thinking, what the hell is “dating purgatory?” It’s the time between cuffing season and break up season. At this point, some
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