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Will divorce season affect a couple near you? (Photo: Getty Images)

Divorce Season

Is January the New ‘Un-Cuffing’ Season? Cuffing season is a time where everyone around you seems to be hooking up and finding their new significant others. This relationship wave usually happens in the fall as the weather starts to cool down in time for cuddles. On
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Enjoy a night of free drinks and endless compliments. (Photo: Getty Images)

Drunk Dating

One Drink, Two Drinks, Three Drinks, Floor I was watching Hollywood Today the other morning and heard a very interesting dating topic that I have to share. According to the cast, studies showed that three drinks is the magic number to make people look better and develop liquid
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Catfish Your Way to Love

Finding Love Online I go on enough horrible dates on my own; I really don’t need to pay a fee to do that. Hence, online dating has never really been for me. It just seems too impersonal. You learn so much from face-to-face interactions with people that “meeting” online ju
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