summer fling

Let yourself have a summer fling this season. (Photo: Mosuno/Stocksy)

Summer Fling

Singles Get Ready to Set Sail This Summer Couples in relationships are excited for summer for countless reasons. For starters, there are so many more date night options. From tennis to hiking and water parks to outdoor movies, couples are ready to go out and enjoy each
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Not looking for anything serious? Welcome to dating purgatory. (Photo: Chris Craymer/Glamour))

Dating Purgatory

Filling the Void and Other Places Now that’s it’s October, we’ve officially entered dating purgatory. You may be thinking, what the hell is “dating purgatory?” It’s the time between cuffing season and break up season. At this point, some
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Everyone's falling in love with fall. (Photo:

Cuffing Season

Falling Into Love Season The leaves are falling and so are you. You’ve ditched your summer fling and you are ready for fall love. Fall is the best time to fall in love. Step out of your comfort zone and be bold. The weather change is a great excuse to ask your crush on a coffee
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