Because of its concentrated form, it’s not so easy to just add a sprinkle of powdered caffeine to food or drink without running the risk of overdose. (Photo: YouTube screengrab)

Potent Powders

The Perils of Powdered Caffeine and Alcohol Alcohol and caffeine have joined the ranks of milk, juice and other substances that now come in powdered form. A handful of states have pre-emptively banned the sale of powdered alcohol. But some say powdered caffeine – which is
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There is concern about the effects of caffeine on children under 17. (Photo: Marriott World Center)

Caffeine High

Kids Should Avoid a Caffeine Buzz If you think you’re seeing more kids chugging energy drinks and sipping Starbucks than ever before, you’re probably right. While there is no hard data to support the whole “coffee will stunt your growth” line that grownups have been using for
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Coffee, Miracle Drink

Studies Find Coffee Can Be Good for You I don’t know about you, but the heat of summer doesn’t quash my need for coffee. On the contrary, when the lazy days of summer kick in, I can drink more than ever — iced cold with a splash of almond milk and vanilla, please. Not only
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