Inflatable arm floaties or tube rings that go around the waist aren’t good substitutes for life vests because they can deflate. (Photo: Juan Salamanca/Pexels)

Water Safety

Tips to Stay Safe in the Water This Summer Summer means fun in the sun, but also in the pool, at the beach or on the lake. So it is important to know how to stay safe while enjoying the water. Unlike in the movies where people flail, thrash about and yell for help before they go
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Although it is too late and too expensive to book at weekend at Rehobeth, you can still plan a day at the beach this weekend. (Photo: Wallpapers 13)

Hello Sunshine

It Isn’t Too Late to Plan a Memorial Day Date The sun is finally out in time for Memorial Day weekend. After days and days of rain, it seemed like the bad weather would never end. So much so that some people didn’t get around to making Memorial Day plans. But have no
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One Tank Trip: Rooftop Rendevous at Liaison on the Hill

There’s nothing like a rooftop view of the United States Capitol to make you take a step back and marvel at what a truly beautiful city we all live and work in, or at least live near…. so why spend the weekend stuck in Bay Bridge traffic trying to get to the Eastern
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