March 20, 2019

Best Ways to Save Money on Family Health For a person with average income, it is difficult to pay high medical bills. You can save money by getting discounts on prescriptions, negotiating with a doctor and comparing health insurance policies for your family. It will help you to
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A close up of a green eye with long, thick lashes. (Photo: The Lash Spa)

Long Lashes

5 Things to Know About Lash Extensions I get quite a few emails asking about eyelash extensions. Are they easy to get? Are they expensive? Is the upkeep difficult? And what makeup and skincare products do you need to change when you have lash extensions? I went to an expert for
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Our DNA can reveal a lot more about us than our ethnic ancestry, raising concerns about who has access to our genetic code and who may. (Photo: Getty Images)

DNA Detectives

Whose Genes Are They, Anyway? You have seen the ads from companies that promise to tell you, based on your DNA, where your ancestors came from. You are eager to trace your family‚Äôs roots, so you order a test kit, send in your sample and await the results.   Your involvement
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