May 7, 2013

DC on Heels-Liz Parker-Fashion-Ball on the Mall-May 2013

Ball on the Mall

Partying in the Presence of History We Washingtonians know the National Mall to be the tourist destination of D.C. Fanny packers, frisbee throwers and families regularly populate the green strip of grass lined by museums between the Capitol and Washington Monument. But this past
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Those Summer Nights

┬áThe Science of Hangovers From Cinco de Mayo margaritas to beers at the Labor Day cookout, summer is a time of late night parties — and for some of us, late night drinks. Sometimes it seems as though just one or two drinks can make us feel rough the next day. With weddings,
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DC on Heels-Liz Parker-Fashion-May 2013

Fashion Urban Legends

What Red Heels Mean in the U.K. and Other Signals of Style Last week I went to the Black and White Affair party at a club on U Street. Fashion-wise, I suppose it was as interesting as any black and white party could be. There were black dresses, white blazers, stripes, sequins
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