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DC on Heels-Liz Parker-Fashion-Ball on the Mall-May 2013

Ball on the Mall

Partying in the Presence of History We Washingtonians know the National Mall to be the tourist destination of D.C. Fanny packers, frisbee throwers and families regularly populate the green strip of grass lined by museums between the Capitol and Washington Monument. But this past
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Teacher's apple on a book (www.chrissstott.com)

Hot (Food) For Teacher!

In celebration of these under-sung heroes, Tuesday, May 7 is Teacher Appreciation Day! And, a few local eateries are offering some delicious deals:
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Nerd Prom Begins!

"Nerd Prom", a.k.a. the 99th Annual White House Correspondents' Dinner weekend, officially kicks off at DC night club, HEIST with an event titled "The Spin Room" on Thursday, April 25 at 8 p.m.
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