Caucasin couple sitting at a table outside drinking cola. He is talking and she looks bored. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Cocky or Confident?

Where Confidence Draws the Line There is a certain allure to a confident man or woman. They seem to have it all together, and something about that is comforting and often sexy. Many of us lack confidence in the dating world, and share mutual unspoken insecurities. So when someone
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Man and woman standing in front of water in winter coats with arms crossed, looking away from each other. (Photo: 123rf)

Compatible Couples

Different Couples, Same Problems Some say opposites attract. Others say it is best to find someone with whom you share similarities. Whichever you choose, one is not better than the other. It is simply up to the individual and their relationship preference. Depending on which
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James McAvoy stars in M. Night Shyamalan’s Split,

Weekend Box Office

Split Bowls a Strike in Theaters Universal Pictures’ horror thriller Split posted one of the most surprising box office performances in months last weekend (Jan. 20-22), with a $40.01 million opening weekend coming well ahead of many of the most optimistic projections.
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