Don't be afraid to turn down a relationship and stay single. (Photo: YouTube)

Single by Choice

Reasons Why You Should Stay Single Once upon a time, being single was the worst. We all have a handful of friends that claim they are forever single — some who don’t mind, and others who think it is the end of the world. Or maybe you are the one who is always single
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Talk money to see if you are financially compatible. (Photo: Getty Images)

Money Talk

How to Talk Money With Your Honey Money talk is always a taboo subject. Talking about finances in a relationship can cause a lot of tension if both people in the relationship handle money differently. This leads to the question – is there such a thing as financial
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Promise rings are a big step in a relationship. (Photo:

Pinky Promise

Taking the Next Step in Your Relationship This past weekend I got a promise ring from my boyfriend, and I couldn’t be happier. While we took the next step in our relationship, that doesn’t mean an engagement is coming anytime soon. The two are two entirely different steps. When
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