Love can be frustrating at times. (Photo: Dolgachov/Getty Images)

Frustration & Love

When to Compromise and When to Quit Please raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by Monday night’s Bachelorette finale. No matter who you were rooting for — Bryan Abasolo, Peter Kraus or Eric Bigger — everyone can agree that the theme of the night
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Second chances do work with some effort. (Photo: AVConnexions.com)

Second Chances

Is the Second Time a Charm? It is not uncommon to revisit an old flame from time to time. Maybe you are bored, or they were great in bed. Whatever the case may be, you are not alone. Plenty of people jump back into old relationships or flings. The question is whether you are back
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Despite the challenges, living together has it's rewards. (Photo: www.thefrisky.com)

The Next Step

When “Mine” Becomes “Ours” There are several major milestones in every relationship. First there’s the initial step of asking someone out, followed by an exchange of “I love yous” a few months later and eventually you get that special
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