Does love at first sight exist? (Photo: iStock)

Rapid-Fire Love

Can You Fall in Love Too Fast? We all know those couples that rush everything in their relationship. One day they meet, the next they are dating and two weeks later they are in love. For some of us it is sickening to see, while others crave that deep, instant connection. The
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Set relationship goals to help figure out what's best for you and your significant other. (Photo: Tuck & Bonte)

Forcing a Future

Let Things Come Naturally in a Relationship Relationships grow and change over time. Most changes occur naturally, but what happens when you try to force things? While binge watching E! News this week, I have noticed a ton of shows include a girl trying to force their significant
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If you both love each other, there's no need to put a measurement on it. (Photo: hercampus.com)

I Love You, More

Who Loves Who More? We all know that mushy couple who constantly fights over who loves each other more while publicly displaying their undying affection for one another. While we may gag at their utter cuteness, the basis of what they speak has some truth. In loving
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