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Doubt creeps up in every relationship. It is how you deal with it that determines your relationship's fate. (Photo: 123rf)

Dealing with Doubt

Planning Your Relationship’s Next Step Remember the honeymoon stage? When everything you did made your significant other smile and vice versa. Butterflies felt real and no one could make you think otherwise. And perhaps the best part of all was that fights were unheard of.
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Talk about expectations first before committing to move in together. (Photo: Rido)

Rent & Relationships

Talk About It Before Moving In Together If you are serious with someone special, prepare to reach many milestones throughout your relationship. Of course there is establishing you want to be monogamous and then the infamous “I love you” exchange. As time goes on, your
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Despite the challenges, living together has it's rewards. (Photo:

The Next Step

When “Mine” Becomes “Ours” There are several major milestones in every relationship. First there’s the initial step of asking someone out, followed by an exchange of “I love yous” a few months later and eventually you get that special
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