Milton S. Hersehy Medical Center

Women with social support fare better when being treated for breast cancer. (Photo: Getty Images)

Social Support

Social Support Aids Breast Cancer Recovery New research suggests that women with stronger social connections while being treated for breast cancer may fare better than those who don’t have that kind of support. Nichole Cook, a breast imaging nurse coordinator at Penn State Breast
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Aliya Mustafina of Russia gets assistance after suffering from an injury at the vault. (Photo: Gero Breloer/AP)

Preventing ACL Injuries

Girls 3-6 Times More Prone to Injuries With the growing number of children participating in competitive sports, injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, of the knee are on the rise in young athletes. According to athletic trainer and physical therapist John R.
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Both riding and push mowers can cause harm if not operated safely. (Patrick Mansell/Penn State)

Summer Safety

Avoid Lawn Mower Injuries This Summer Grass is into high growing gear, prompting homeowners everywhere to pull out the mower in hopes of cutting order into their lawns. That means that emergency departments begin seeing more injuries caused by this most familiar piece of
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