Let yourself have a summer fling this season. (Photo: Mosuno/Stocksy)

Summer Fling

Singles Get Ready to Set Sail This Summer Couples in relationships are excited for summer for countless reasons. For starters, there are so many more date night options. From tennis to hiking and water parks to outdoor movies, couples are ready to go out and enjoy each
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Anywhere you go can be a great date with the right person. (Photo: Thinkstock)

Food for Thought

Is Food the Key to the Someone’s Heart? When you are torn about what to do for a date, food is always a good default. Who doesn’t love grabbing a bite to eat? However, sometimes the biggest problem is not deciding what to eat, but rather where to eat. I am that the
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A recent study ranked the food served on the 12 major U.S. carriers, and Virgin America came out on top. (Photo: Alamy)

In-Flight Dining

Many U.S. Airlines Don’t Offer Healthy Meals There’s so much to dislike about air travel these days — long lines, cramped seats, delays and the bad airline food. A recent survey by Diet Detective found that airlines have a long way to go in making their meals
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