polar vortex

Burberry Brit Metcalfe Puffer Coat $795 (Photo: Indulgy.com)

Winter Fashion

Polar Vortex Style Picks Clothing for severe winter weather is generally not the most flattering. In the chilly winter months, most of us go for functionality over fashion, saving our style efforts for Spring. However, as someone who grew up in the South and never had a chance to
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Children slide along an ice-covered walkway near the Washington Monument Saturday. But with the polar vortex coming Monday and Tuesday you should stay inside or dress warmly if you must go out. (Photo: Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images)

Polar Vortex

Stay Safe in Frigid Weather It’s here — the polar vortex. While, in my opinion, this sounds like some sort of enemy we could call on the Avengers to defeat, the polar vortex is a natural phenomenon. The mass of cold air typically bound at the North Pole by jet streams and
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