Activated Charcoal

The Beauty Benefits Of Activated Charcoal I was in the bathroom the other day and noticed some black looking paste on the sink next to the toothbrushes. Later, I went to my beauty cabinet and noticed a small jar full of that same looking black paste, but more of a gel this time.
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There are four vitamins essential to keeping your skin looking its best. (Photo: Getty Images)

Healthy Skin

The 4 Essential Vitamins Your Skin Needs My skin has been very dry lately. I do the usual routine to keep my skin healthy such as exfoliating and moisturizing, but lately it seems like it needs something more. I know that skin can get dryer in the winter, so you can get away with
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You can pull off the perfect smokey eye by feeling it fits your sense of style. (Photo: Getty Images)

Smokey Eyes

How To Get The Perfect Smokey Eye I have a daily routine that is very much me, and I feel comfortable in it. I have the parted to the side, slicked straight hair, the girl next door classic makeup look and my style of dress is conservative with a slight trend to it. However, the
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