Sometimes you do not feel like applying any makeup. (Photo: Getty Images)

Lively Face

Add Glow If You Skipped Your Beauty Rest Life happens, and sometimes it happens too fast. It is hard being a woman in the DMV, where at times presentation is just as important on your PowerPoint as it is on your face. That’s right, looks matter. I hate to say this, but the way we
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Tousled waves will make you look camera ready for any impromptu beach pictures. (Photo: Getty Images)

Tousled Waves

How to Make Your Hair Large and Tousled The Fourth of July is quickly approaching, and I can assume a lot of you all will be headed towards those salty waters with tote bags full of your most favored beauty and health products. The great thing about swimming in those salty waves
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It is wise to make sure you purchase a sunscreen that actually does what you need it to do. (Photo: Getty images.)

Top Notch Sunscreens

Is Your Sunscreen Working Full-Time? With so many sunscreens on the shelves today, sometimes you just buy the ones that are on sale or the ones that you can buy in a bundle. Or, you opt for the latest type of sunscreen (sunscreen gels and sprays are the latest trend) since it is
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