If you're going to give an ex a second chance, remember you have to rebuild trust first. (Photo: Bart Sadowski)

Second Chances

When Second Chances Are an Option Breakups are hard. No matter the situation, distancing yourself from someone you were once inseparable from is a struggle. But, the worse is when you still love the other person. Maybe it wasn’t a terrible break up, but you decided to go
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Be selective with who you sext with or your privates may go public. (Photo: Pro Juventute/Flickr)

Sext Savvy

The Truth Behind Sexting According to a study done by the American Psychology Association, 80 percent of participants had sexted this past year. That is a huge number! I’m not sure if I was supposed to be surprised by it, but it definitely took me off guard. If this was a
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Can you summer fling be something more? (Photo: Pinterest)

Evaluating Potenial

The Return of Cuffing Season It’s that time of the year again when you dump your summer fling and find a new, temporary person for cuffing season. In case you forgot, cuffing season is when you choose one lucky person to be with you throughout the holidays. This lucky soul
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