Are you sure your significant other is being honest? (Photo: Shutterstock)

Little White Lies

Why Couples Lie to One and Other Relationships are supposed to be built on a foundation of trust in order to succeed. Yet many couples feel completely comfortable lying to each other. Why’s that? Maybe the reality is that the truth hurts. If you’re not one for
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Mark your calendars! (Photo:

Scheduling Sex

How to Avoid Sexual Neglect In college I took a class titled “Love and Relationships.” It was a communications elective and everyone wanted to take it because let’s face it, no one wants to end up alone with 50 cats. Plus, the professor of this class was an
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If you're going to give an ex a second chance, remember you have to rebuild trust first. (Photo: Bart Sadowski)

Second Chances

When Second Chances Are an Option Breakups are hard. No matter the situation, distancing yourself from someone you were once inseparable from is a struggle. But, the worse is when you still love the other person. Maybe it wasn’t a terrible break up, but you decided to go
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