Paying attention to the small things in your relationship can help you and your partner in the long run. (Photo: Huffington Post)

The Little Things

How to Improve Your (Love) Life People always say don’t worry about the small things in life, but those people clearly don’t live in the city. Our fast-paced lifestyles tend to make us accustomed to being detail-oriented, otherwise known as permanently stressed out.
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Ask your partner how they feel about your opposite sex friend. Communication is key. (Photo:

Strictly Platonic

Can the Sexes Not Sex? It’s not uncommon for men and women to be friends when they are single with no strings attached. But why do things get awkward when all of a sudden you’re taken. Single men can be friends with single women, but if one party ties the knot that
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Surprise him and he'll be begging for more. (Photo:

According to Him

The Man’s Perspective of Hot or Not After dating my boyfriend for almost two years, I’ve definitely adjusted to the taken life as oppose to my old single ways, which seem so long ago. A few things you learn after being tied down is singles are playing the dating game
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